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WavesGO is a crypto asset issued on the Waves blockchain. WGO will be the only accepted payment method for all the services provided by WavesGo, the main block explorer for the Waves platform. Paid (WGO) services include:

  • Ad space in WavesGo
  • White label solutions like faucets and LPOS pools.
  • Bespoke solutions in WavesGo. 
  • API for the WavesGo BI System, that makes it easier for developers to integrate Waves into their project.

Holders of WGO also get other benefits such as a share of profits generated by WavesGo (paid either in Waves or other assets - airdropped to WGO holders on a regular basis) and the chance to vote in projects and prioritization decisions in WavesGo. Holders also receive a share of LPoS earnings gathered from the WavesGo LPOS pool.

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Текущее количество 10,000,000 WGO
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